A motor is a machine designed to convert electric energy into kinetic energy through electromagnetic interaction.

A motor core is a part of rotor comprising magnetic materials. It is a core part of motor designed to play as a passageway of magnetism and generate electricity. A motor consists of a stator, rotor, and housing. The motor core is a core part designed to increase the quality and efficiency of a motor.

With our die-making technology and advanced equipment, we are producing various kinds of indexed rotation laminations, skewed rotation laminations, indexed and skewed rotation laminations, and motor core dies that vary according to their purposes.


· Engine cooling fan moter
· Sunroof motor
· Wiper moter
· Seat moter
· Window moter
· Starter moter
· ABS moter
· Mirror adjuster moter
· Fuel pump moter
· Ignition Coil
· Washer pump motor


· Washing machine
· Humidifier
· Microwave oven fan
· Electric fan
· Rotary compressor moter
· Boiler fan
· Water purifier
· Dishwasher drive
· Vacuum Cleaner
· Ventilation Fan